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How Dockside Physiotherapy Increased Patient Acquisition and Boosted Reviews By 651% with Maven HQ


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Company Snapshot

Dockside Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic in Victoria, BC that empowers people through education, exercise and hands-on care, to help them overcome pain, injury and mobility issues so that they can lead their best lives. After implementing Maven HQ’s 

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Dockside Physiotherapy is dedicated to helping guide their patients along their recovery, and cannot grow without feedback from their patients. Although their patients are usually very happy with Dockside Physiotherapy, very few were leaving reviews online. This not only made it difficult for Dockside Physiotherapy to improve their quality of service, it also made it harder for potential patients to find Dockside Physiotherapy in local search results. It was critical that Dockside Physiotherapy found a way to collect more patient reviews with minimal effort as the clinic staff were already very busy on a day-to-day basis. 

Since working with Maven HQ they have seen the following improvements:

  • 651% increase in 5 star reviews
  • 130% increase in phone calls
  • Went from #28 to ranking #1 on Google Maps
  • 331% return on ad spend
  • 21x more lead form submissions
  • Pages that show up on 1st page of Google
  • Decreases in cost per lead and cost per click
  • Awarded Top 3 Physical Therapists in Victoria, BC 2 years in a row

Before working with Aadil and his team at Maven HQ, it was a little confusing in terms of what we needed to do to grow. We had some sense of marketing but we needed some more help with it. We knew how to make our website attractive and publish lots of content, but we didn't really know the best way to get it out there and make it visible. We were pretty lost, and Aadil has given us tremendous clarity on increasing visibility and attracting more patients.

Evan Thomas

CO-Owner at Dockside Physiotherapy

Automating reviews from patients

When Dockside Physiotherapy first came across Maven HQ, they were collecting reviews manually and had a total of 31 5-star reviews on Google. After patient visits, therapists would ask them to leave a review but they weren’t seeing any results. They were great at responding to each of the reviews, but an overall lack of reviews meant that other clinics were getting more visibility, earning the market’s trust, and attracting more patients. They turned to Maven HQ for an effective and automated solution, and they saw results within a few weeks. 

Today, they have 233 5-star Google reviews from their patients. This helps them earn the trust of potential patients and attract more patients and referrals. Some additional benefits of their strong online reputation were increased online visibility, a lower cost per click and lower cost per lead. This means that they are consistently attracting leads, phone calls, and appointments at a lower cost than before. 







Maven HQ's fully automated Google review campaigns were huge. We were able to collect over 200 reviews on our Google My Business listing from our patients, which is awesome because it's by far more than other clinics in the city, which has been great. Now, we have been able to get more patients in contact with us, fill up some of the caseloads for newer physios and get the team booked up.

Evan Thomas

CO-Owner at Dockside Physiotherapy

Increasing online visibility

Before collecting reviews from Dockside Physiotherapy’s past patients, they were ranking #28 on Google Maps.

After Maven HQ helped Dockside Physiotherapy collect over 200 5-star Google reviews, they were ranking in the top 3 results on Google Maps. This meant significant increases in their online visibility, now that Google was recommending them organically for “physiotherapists in victoria”. 

After MAVEN HQ Review Campaigns

Ranked #3 on Google Maps in Victoria, BC

Source: Google Maps

To add icing on the cake, Google was even recommending Dockside Physiotherapy in organic search results, not just Google Maps! Maven HQ enabled Dockside Physiotherapy to also rank in the local map-pack (also known as Google 3-pack). 

This means that Google organically recommends Dockside Physiotherapy to prospective patients even in regular search results, not just Google Maps! This further increases Dockside Physiotherapy’s online visibility, traffic, and reduces their cost per click and cost per lead.

After MAVEN HQ Review Campaigns

Ranked #3 in Local 3-Pack on Google Search Results

Source: Google Search

Generating more leads and phone calls

Maven HQ enables Dockside Physiotherapy to increase their online visibility in search results, leading to increased phone calls and leads. They’ve been able to truly fulfill more of their mission to help guide more people on the road to recovery. 

Before Maven HQ’s automated review campaigns, Dockside Physiotherapy was generating roughly 46 calls monthly from their Google listing. 

Before MAVEN HQ Review Campaigns

Source: Google My Business Insights

After Maven HQ’s automated review campaigns, Dockside Physiotherapy started generating roughly 106 calls monthly. Online reviews are a critical factor in clinic SEO, online rankings, and online visibility, and the data only further confirms that.

After MAVEN HQ Review Campaigns

Source: Google My Business Insights

One place for all feedback and conversations

Maven HQ enables Dockside Physiotherapy to manage all their business conversations and reviews from Google & Facebook in once place. They are also able to respond to reviews and respond to inquiries across social media, webchat, text, phone call, and email directly from the Maven HQ dashboard. They are now more responsive to inquiries, follow ups, and external clinic communciation. 

Using Maven HQ has made life easier. We found a great way to organize our interactions with patients and a great way to communicate with them as well. The number of Google reviews we collected in such a short duration was quite impressive. That was awesome! Aadil and the Maven HQ team are humorous, have an easy going nature, and have great communication.

Cathy Stedman

CO-Owner at Dockside Physiotherapy

Resolving negative feedback proactively

With the help of Maven HQ’s negative feedback form, Dockside Physiotherapy is now able to resolve & prevent negative feedback by resolving issues with patients as they arise. If a patient was unsatisfied with their experience, they can fill out a private form that goes directly to the owners of the clinic. This enables Dockside Physiotherapy to listen to every issue and actually resolve it with the patient – and prevent it from happening again. The first thing they do is reach out to see what they can do to make things right for the patient and improve internally. This proactive approach reassures patients that their feedback doesn’t fall on deaf ears. 

Patients also feel heard, listened to, and valued. Most clinics out there have no way for patients to submit complaints directly to the owners – and the ones that do, tend to take minimal action, furthering a negative experience. Dockside Physiotherapy is one of the few clinics proactively attempting to change that.

What gave us the confidence and inspired us to work with Aadil was the proof of what he had done for other businesses, and it's a pretty impressive track record. Aadil and his team knew their stuff and had a plan to help us grow. They're also very ethical in their practice and aware of best practices contacting individuals through email and text. We want to make sure that we're coming across consistent with our views and business model in all our communication. Maven HQ have been good at putting our voice into systems, which is important. So it sounds like us - genuinely.

Cathy Stedman

CO-Owner at Dockside Physiotherapy

Streamlining clinic growth with a patient-centric focus

Since implementing Maven HQ, Dockside Physiotherapy has been able to strengthen their reputation, online visibility, SEO rankings, responsiveness, and clinic growth. By focusing on a patient-centric approach to physiotherapy, they are able to reach and attract more people to their community. They are now able to manage their reputation, patient pipeline, communication, and entire patient acquisition directly through the Maven HQ dashboard.

We recommend Maven HQ if you want to get your business kickstarted and work with motivated professionals that can really help you succeed in all aspects of your business. They have feedback for so many different components, beyond just the marketing side of things and we feel they have been very attentive and responsive marketing professionals who act quickly to ensure your needs are met.

Cathy Stedman

CO-Owner at Dockside Physiotherapy

Results Summary

  • 651% increase in 5 star reviews
  • 130% increase in phone calls
  • Went from #28 to ranking #1 on Google Maps
  • 331% return on ad spend
  • 21x more lead form submissions
  • Pages that show up on 1st page of Google
  • Decreases in cost per lead and cost per click
  • Awarded Top 3 Physical Therpists In Victoria, BC 2 years in a row
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Paul A. Samakow
Author, Speaker, Business Performance Consultant, Seasoned Attorney, & Legal Columnist

The Maven HQ team built out a complete and robust system for my team including but not limited to: email automation, text automation, social media marketing, schedule, automation workflows, service calendars, the list goes on...Essentially, I was custom built 5 secretaries/assistants in one. Before this company, my team was moving between 5 different programs to track pipeline activity and onboarding. It was a royal headache. In order to keep up, I was looking at having to hire two in-house full time employees. With the help of Aadil, I was able to grow my business with minimal overhead and have an entire back end office system built specifically for the way our team operates. Not only was the automation software stress reducing and easy to train other on, it was beautiful. Aadil and his team really paid attention to every single detail with the brand being perfectly represented across the board in both tone and visuals. Aadil, CEO was professional and highly responsive. I promise you, you won’t find a team who works harder and has better quality than his. Thank you for all the stress you have relieved from my team and for the scaling we have been able to do since working on this project together.

Marina Labaff
Boudoir Photography

We went from 98 reviews to over 200 5 star Google reviews within a month! The Google review campaign was HUGE. We were able to get over a hundred reviews from past clients on our Google My Business listing, which is awesome because it's by far more than other clinics in the city.

Evan Thomas

This time last year, we were booking a few days out. Since we started working with Aadil and using Maven HQ, we have been consistently booked nearly 3 months out! Aadil and his team took my pen and paper method of bookings and moved them into the 21st century! We are fully automated with bookings being completed directly from the website. Our online registrations, enrollments, and payments have all gone WAY up!
Maven HQ shaved numerous hours from my previous structure. Within the first 2 weeks, we got a bunch of new WebChat leads and phone calls. This has been a game-changer alone because in the past, people mostly left the website without starting a conversation. Now we're getting more conversations, more leads, and more bookings. Maven HQ has also made it easy to get more reviews and build our online reputation! The dashboard has made life easier (to say the least). We're able to manage bookings, appointments, leads, conversations, and so much more - pretty much the whole back end of the business - all from one place. On top of that, we doubled our Google reviews in a couple weeks! A strong online reputation really matters when it comes to positioning yourself effectively as THE choice in your market - and Maven HQ is the perfect tool to achieve that.

John Jenkins
Motorcycle Training Instructor

We're a physiotherapy clinic that empowers people through education, exercise, and hands-on care, to help them overcome pain, injury and mobility issues, so that they can lead their best lives essentially.
When we first started working with Maven HQ and Aadil, we were bringing on another physio. And then we already had a physio that did have some gaps. We wanted to make sure we were able to fill their schedules with appointments and they were busy and happy working at our clinic. And of course, bringing in enough profit to make everything sustainable for the business. Maven HQ has been instrumental in getting us there. We also wanted to make our Google ranking much more visible and prominent, which was another problem that Maven HQ was able to solve for us. Even the number of Google reviews we got in sucha short duration was quite impressive. And that was amazing!

Cathy Stedman

We now get twice as many calls as before every week, it made a HUGE impact on my business. You guys are REAL pros! Their team have been crushing it online with our marketing, I couldn't be happier! Using Maven HQ was my best move of the year by far Thanks a million guys!!

Gabriel Gascon

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