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Whether you’re just getting started with improving your online presence or well down the path to scaling, Maven HQ is the only marketing & sales automation CRM you’ll ever need to generate demand, become the obvious choice. and scale your business.


Prestige Plan

Pro plan

Elite plan

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Payments

Email & Tickets for Support

Free Data Migration (from your previous CRM)


iOS & Android Mobile App

2-Way Phone Calls

2-Way SMS & Email


Unified Conversations Inbox

Reputation Management

Missed Call Text Back

CRM & Smartlists


Social Media Planner

Appointment Suite (Calendars + Scheduling)

Email Marketing

Workflow Automations

Marketing Suite (Funnels, Landing Page A/B Testing, Forms, Surveys, Trigger Links)

Reporting Suite (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Phone Calls, Appointments, and Sales Team Reports)

Membership LMS Suite

Priority Zoom Support

BONUS: SMS & Phone Call Credits

You’ll receive 1333 texts or 1176 minutes in calls as a complimentary credit to your account every month.

You’ll receive 2000 texts or 1764 minutes in calls as a complimentary credit to your account every month.

You’ll receive 2666 texts or 2352 minutes in calls as a complimentary credit to your account every month.

All Plans Include These Must-Haves

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Payments

Webchat & 2-Way SMS*

iOS & Android Mobile App

Dedicated Migration Specialist

Unlimited Contacts

CRM & Smartlists

Conversations Inbox

All Integrations

Unlimited 24/7 Expert Support

Unlimited Emails

2-Way Phone Calls*

Reputation Management

Access to 1:1 Coaching

On-Demand Strategy & Training

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All Maven HQ Plans Also Come With...

Expert Consulting & Training

Mavenists: Your Business Growth Experts

From the moment you start using Maven HQ, you’ll have exclusive access to your own Mavenist (business growth expert). You and your Mavenist will work together to get your business on track to achieve and exceed your revenue goals.

From marketing to sales coaching, from front desk training to done-for-you setup, we’ve got you covered. Your Mavenist will work directly with you to improve your marketing & sales processes so you can start scaling faster than ever before.

Weekly Sweeps, Audits, & Recommendations
Process Training & DFY Setup
World Class Support

It doesn't end at software.
Maven HQ comes with expert consulting & top-rated support.

As part of Maven HQ’s onboarding service we’ll get you set up to win quick with one-on-one coaching, training webinars, and personalized support. You and your Mavenist (one of our certified specialists) will work to get you up and running immediately and design a custom plan to collect more leads, convert more clients and create loyal lifetime customers in less time.

When you use Maven HQ, you’ll always have a direct channel to a dedicated Mavenist. Specialists and Consultants are here to answer your questions, help you master effective marketing, and make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools. All that – plus our detailed help documentation, educational resources, and training programs – means that you’ll enjoy monthly and quarterly business revenue growth.

Email, Chat, Video & Phone Support
Staff Training & Workshops

Can You Really Save Big With Maven HQ?

When it comes to choosing a powerful marketing & sales automation CRM software to grow your business, Maven HQ is clearly the obvious choice. We surveyed the market to see how we fit in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contact?
A contact is a single person’s contact information stored in your account. Maven HQ lets you save important information like your contact’s name, phone number, email, address, as well as conversation history, emails, notes, payments, appointment history, and any custom information you want to save about them. You’ll be able to personalize every conversation and interaction – and most importantly make them feel like they’re important and unique.

How much does it cost to add more contacts?
Maven HQ’s pricing plans include unlimited contacts. If you need help importing your contacts from another CRM or a spreadsheet, we offer complimentary data migration services with every plan.

Can I import contacts from my previous CRM or a spreadsheet?
Yes. Your Dedicated Data Migration Specialist will work with you to import all your contacts to Maven HQ, including any other important information about them that you want to import, such as tags, birth dates, medical history, and virtually any other information. The sky’s the limit!

What counts as a user?
A user is someone on your team or in your company who has authority to access Maven HQ via their own username and password. Users can be managed from an admin account. Typically, the owner or a company or leadership roles are granted admin access, while employees are granted user access. All Maven HQ plans include unlimited users and unlike most CRM & automation software, this adds up to significant savings as your team and company grows.

Do we pay extra for more people?
No. Unlike most CRM & automation software, we don’t charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same. This adds up to significant savings as your company grows.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes. When you pay for a year up front, you get a 16% discount (two months free). We also offer free SMS & phone call credits on each plan.

Do you offer free trials?
Although we don’t offer free trials, we do offer a bulletproof 30-Day No Questions Asked Moneyback Guarantee. We also offer a 90-Day Conditional 2x Moneyback Guarantee so you’re sure to get a return on your investment when you try Maven HQ.

Is there a limit or charge for the number of emails I send each month?
Not at all. With Maven HQ there is no limit to the number of emails you send each month, although we recommend gradually ramping up the number of emails you send so you properly warm up your email domain.

What is the difference between transactional and promotional emails?
Transactional emails are typically automated emails that are sent to a contact as a result of a specific action they took (such as filling out a form, making a payment, or booking an appointment). Promotional emails (also known as “Commercial Emails”) are sent to a contact or multiple contacts manually, to drive awareness, engagement, or sales (such as one-off promotions, monthly coupons, etc).

Does “unlimited emails” include both transactional and promotional emails?
Yes. With Maven HQ, you can automate transactional emails as well as promotional emails without any extra effort.

What is “warming up” an email domain?
If you haven’t sent mass or automated emails from your domain before, you need to “warm up” your email server and send in small increments initially, otherwise your emails will likely end up in the spam or junk folders instead of the recipient’s email inbox.

Do you have support for email domain warming up?
Yes. If you’d like support or help warming up your email domain, please contact our support team.

Can I use Maven HQ for cold email (outreach) campaigns?
Yes. Some of our clients use Maven HQ for cold email campaigns to accelerate their outreach and prospecting efforts. We even offer email validation when you import your email list to ensure that you’re only sending emails to valid email addresses.

Can I connect my email inbox with Maven HQ?
Yes. Whether you’re using gmail, GSuite, or Outlook, you can easily integrate your email provider so you can send and receive emails through Maven HQ.

Where can i find email replies to my marketing emails sent from Maven HQ?
Whether you send a one-off email blast, ongoing email newsletters, or automated emails (such as appointment reminders) through Maven HQ, any email replies from a contact will show up in your Conversations Inbox. You can always choose to forward replies to your email provider as well with just one click in your email settings.

Can we cancel at any time?
There’s no minimum contract for Maven HQ – cancel at any time with 30 days notice, without penalty or hassle. If you prepaid for a year, we’ll refund any unused months.

What is transactional pricing?
Transactional pricing (for SMS & phone calls) acts as a pay-as-you-go wallet. You simply load your wallet with credits through Maven HQ, and use those credits to send and receive text messages & phone calls from Maven HQ. Our text message and phone call transactional pricing is one of the lowest you’ll find on the market.

How does billing work for plans and transactional pricing?
Your team’s calling & SMS usage is deducted from your wallet (your usage credit balance). Aside from your monthly plan subscription, you’ll see one-off charges whenever you run out of credits. You can even setup your wallet to auto-recharge whenever you run out of credits.

What can I expect to pay on top of my monthly plan?
Although it will depend entirely on your usage each month, most of our clients typically pay around $25 – $75 monthly for text messages & phone calls. You can adjust your monthly recharge amount and auto-recharge settings in your Billing settings.

Are there separate fees for customer billing and payments?
Centralized billing can be handled by Maven HQ as an all-in-one payment and invoicing tool. Because the payment feature is already built-in to Maven HQ, business owners just need to integrate their Stripe accounts and pay a flat, low fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for each transaction. This is Stripe’s payment processing fee and 100% of it goes to Stripe, meaning we don’t charge a markup or anything on top of that.

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