Learning Management System (LMS)

Create and Sell Online Courses & Memberships

Use Maven HQ’s e-learning platform to create, market, sell, and manage online courses, coaching, memberships, masterclasses, and more. Maven HQ’s all-in-one suite of tools means that you won’t have to use any other software to turn your knowledge into income ever again.

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Bring All Your Online Courses, Marketing, and Sales Automation to One Place With Maven HQ

Train staff

Automate the entire employee training process and get new hires work-ready faster than ever.

Sell courses

From one-time purchases to recurring memberships, easily sell content, courses, or training to anyone.

Simple, powerful builder

Upload your content using a powerful yet simple course builder.

Create with ease

Create and sell unlimited content with ease

Maven HQ empowers you to turn your knowledge into content that can help others. Create and sell online courses, coaching programs, and membership subscriptions so you can build your own online community.

Grow with the right tools

Save time & increase productivity with a powerful suite of tools

Use Maven HQ’s entire suite of marketing tools and automations to grow your community fast. Create checkout pages, collect payments with Stripe and Paypal integrations, use email marketing automation and more to grow your community faster than ever.

Staff training

Train new staff or re-train existing staff on autopilot

Whether you want to reduce the time it takes to get new hires up to speed, or re-train existing staff on improved processes, Maven HQ is all you will ever need. 

Assessments & Analytics

Create assessments and analyze completion progress

Easily create assessments and quiz your students. Analyze course completion progress and gain deeper insights into how engaged your community is.

Automate anything

Automate the lead nurturing, welcome campaigns, onboarding and more with SMS or email automation.

Build anything

Build a funnel, checkout, or storefront for your content and integrate it easily in seconds.

Sell anything

From info-products to staff training and more, easily sell any virtual training, course, or program.

Drip mode

Let users unlock and access more content once they're completed certain training modules.

Powerful analytics

Analyze last login dates, course completion progress, quiz assessment results and more.

Desktop + Mobile Web App

Let staff or students access your training on-the-go, anywhere and anytime from desktop or mobile.

How It Works

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