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The healthcare industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers are constantly vying for patients. In this highly competitive environment, healthcare providers must have a good reputation.

Healthcare reputation management is the process of monitoring and protecting the reputation of a healthcare organization. A good reputation can attract new patients, improve employee morale, and increase revenue. A bad reputation can have the opposite effect. Healthcare reputation management is, therefore, essential for any healthcare organization that wants to succeed.

Ultimately, reputation management is a fundamental pillar of healthcare marketing strategy. Done right, it puts you on the fast track to getting more patients and becoming the obvious choice online.

This blog post will cover why healthcare reputation management is essential, the benefits of a good reputation, and what you can do to improve your healthcare organization’s reputation.

What is online reputation management?

What is online reputation management

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of monitoring and influencing the online reputation of an individual or brand. ORM involves monitoring what is said about a person or brand online and then acting to improve its reputation.

It is a vital aspect of public relations and should be done regularly. Your company’s online reputation primarily results from how Google, Facebook, and other current web pages portray you. As such, reputation management and responding to inadequate evaluations are both essential aspects of SEO.

What is Healthcare Reputation Management?

Healthcare reputation management is the process of monitoring, protecting, and improving the online reputation of healthcare providers and medical practices. It includes monitoring what is being said about a healthcare organization online, responding to negative reviews and promoting positive ones, and proactively managing the organization’s online presence.

Healthcare reputation management aims to ensure that the public has a positive impression of a healthcare organization and that negative reviews or stories do not damage its reputation. A strong reputation can help attract new patients, while a weakened reputation can lead to a decline in business.

Healthcare providers and medical practices need to be aware of their online reputation and take steps to protect and improve it. However, ignoring negative reviews or stories can worsen, while actively managing one’s online presence can help mitigate damage and promote a positive impression.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

There are many benefits of reputation management for healthcare providers. Perhaps the most important is that it helps you maintain an excellent online reputation.

With the proliferation of online review sites, patients have a powerful way to voice their opinions about their healthcare experiences. A positive online reputation can attract new patients and help you retain existing ones.

Another benefit of reputation management is that it can help you identify areas of improvement in your healthcare services. By monitoring patient reviews, you can quickly see which areas of your business are most likely to generate negative feedback.

This feedback can be invaluable in helping you make changes to improve the quality of your services.

Reputation management can help you build trust with your patients. In today’s competitive healthcare market, patients are looking for providers they can trust. A good reputation can go a long way in building trust and confidence in your healthcare business.

In addition to the ORM strategies we have discussed previously, here are nine summed-up benefits of online reputation management:

  1. It has the potential to build trust and a community.
  2. Improves your brand recognition and image;
  3. It gives you the ability to control how people see your brand;
  4. Alerts you of potential problems so they can be fixed quickly;
  5. It can help you build a good relationship with your customers;
  6. Helps increase sales and ROI;
  7. It can improve customer satisfaction and patient sentiment;
  8. It helps reduce negative word-of-mouth;
  9. It reduces the cost of acquiring new patients.

Why is Managing Healthcare Online Reputation Important in 2022?

There are several reasons why monitoring and managing your online reputation in healthcare is essential. First, in today’s digital world, patients are increasingly using the internet to search for information about doctors and hospitals.

A recent survey showed that 85% of consumers count an online review as much as a personal suggestion.

Positive reviews can attract new patients and help build trust with existing patients. But on the other hand, negative reviews can damage your reputation and deter potential patients from choosing your practice.

In addition to online reviews, there are other ways that your healthcare reputation can be affected by the digital world. For example, a patient posting a negative comment about their experience on social media can quickly spread and damage your reputation.

Managing your online reputation is essential in today’s digital world. By monitoring what is being said about you online, you can quickly address any negative comments and ensure that your healthcare practice has a positive presence on the internet.

Tips & Tricks for Managing Your Reputation in 2022

As a healthcare provider, your reputation is everything. A bad review from a patient or prospective patient can turn away business, while a good review can attract new patients. Satisfied patients are more likely to leave positive online reviews and recommend your services to their friends and family.

In the age of social media, it’s more important than ever to be proactive about managing your healthcare provider’s reputation. Here are some tips and tricks for managing your reputation in 2022:

Encourage patients to leave reviews:

One way to encourage patients to leave positive reviews is by sending them follow-up emails or texts after their appointment. You can also post signs in your office encouraging patients to leave reviews on popular websites.

Monitor online reviews:

It’s essential to regularly check popular review websites, such as Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades, for new reviews about your practice. If you see a negative review, reach out to the patient directly to try and resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved, respond publicly to the review in a professional manner.

Manage negative reviews:

In some cases, patients will leave negative reviews despite your best efforts. If this happens, don’t delete the review or lash out at the patient publicly. Instead, take the opportunity to engage with the patient privately to resolve the issue. If you cannot resolve the issue, respond publicly in a professional manner that acknowledges the patient’s concerns.

Encourage happy patients to share their experiences:

One of the best ways to manage your reputation is by asking satisfied patients to share their positive experiences with your practice online. For example, you can send them follow-up emails or text messages after their appointment or post signs in your office encouraging them to leave positive reviews on popular websites.

What impacts your online reputation?

Many factors can impact your online reputation. These include:

Social media presence

Your presence on social media can impact your online reputation. If you have a solid social media presence, you can use it to your advantage by sharing positive reviews and patient testimonials. But on the other hand, if you don’t have a social media presence, patients may look elsewhere for information about your practice.

Online reviews

Patients who are happy with their experience are more likely to leave online reviews. But on the other hand, patients unhappy with their experience may leave negative reviews. Therefore, monitoring online review sites like Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades for new reviews about your practice is important.


Your online brand’s reputation is, in a sense, included in its search engine rankings. To put it another way, if Google ranks your company lower than others, it’s because the algorithm doesn’t view it as reputable. Given that household-name businesses frequently dominate the first and second pages of navigational and information web searches, a decline in ranking indicates that your firm may be less trustworthy.

Managing your reputation by using the right tools

Healthcare providers need to use the right tools to manage their reputations. 

Maven HQ is one such tool; it is the #1 reputation management software for health clinics. You can manage patient feedback, get more patients, and increase productivity from a powerful yet easy-to-use platform.

From patient satisfaction, online ratings, and scheduling to payments and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

A powerful marketing automation CRM like Maven HQ can help healthcare clinics easily generate leads and appointments with prospective patients and follow-up visits. It can also manage your scheduling and appointment reminders from one place. Maven HQ is for you if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for your clinic’s growth.

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