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How Partnering With Maven HQ Helped a Canadian Cosmetology School Earn $1.5M in New Revenue


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Company Snapshot

The client is a prestigious and leading Cosmetology Academy located in Canada. They are a state-of-the-art school and offer diploma programs related to cosmetology, hairstyling, barbering, medical esthetics, and more. The team prides themselves on their ability to make a difference in the lives of their students and in the communities they serve.

Due to the client’s request for privacy, we have redacted any personally identifiable information. 

What Maven HQ replaced


The client wanted a way to get reviews, communicate with leads quickly, automate the lead nurturing and follow ups, automate appointment bookings, and measure marketing ROI by source and marketing channel. As a high-touch organization, they needed a platform that could help them with the student journey from beginning to end, as well as a modern solution that could communicate with leads and students via their preferred method – text – and integrate easily with their website while simplifying their tech stack. Additionally, they needed an easy-to-use solution that the Admissions (sales) team could adopt rapidly, to minimize the learning curve of using a new software.

A few of their goals with Maven HQ included:

  • Improve online reputation on sites like Google, Better Business Bureau, and Facebook
  • Leverage mass texting to reactivate past leads
  • Generate new leads predictably and profitably using online channels such as Google and Facebook
  • Utilize Maven HQ’s Conversations Inbox to easily communicate with new leads & students via Web Chat, text, email, Instagram & Facebook messenger, and GMB chat all from ONE dashboard
  • Nurture leads effectively to improve lead-to-appointment conversion rates
  • Increase appointment booking rates between leads and Admissions team members
  • Accurately measure marketing ROI and revenue, down to the channel and source
  • Track which Admissions (sales) reps were generating the most revenue

Automating prestige & reputation growth

The client needed a way to get more 5-star reviews from their students that was effective yet easy to use across their organization. They knew that when potential students decide on which school to choose, trust and reputation were critical factors.

They also wanted an ethical system with simple mechanics; one where negative feedback could be resolved before it went public so they could deliver a better experience to their students and staff. 

By utilizing the Maven HQ platform, they can quickly and easily obtain 5-star reviews and NPS (Net Promoter Survey) feedback for their school. This helps them maintain a positive reputation with those who have previously or are currently enrolled in that institution, along with improving employee satisfaction.

With Maven HQ, the client is also able to monitor their reputation growth and insights in real time. This insight enables them to forward feedback to the leadership team, who can then implement any necessary changes in the company, based on student feedback.

The client is now the obvious choice for prospective students looking to enter a career in cosmetology. They’re deveoping a strong online reputation and potential students are choosing the client’s school with confidence.

Streamlining business communication

The client implemented Maven HQ Conversations Inbox in January 2021. One of the biggest challenges academies with many program offerings face is managing business conversations effectively. Moreover, managing conversations on social media sites and multiple channels simultaneously can erode employee productivity. The client already knew that new inquiries should be responded to within 15 minutes or less to avoid the risk of losing students to competitors… but they didn’t have a solution for this.

They wanted to be able to text message potential students and leads. They also wanted to be able to respond to Instagram & Facebook messages, emails, text messages, phone calls, GMB (Google My Business) messages, and WebChat inquiries from one place. They decided to leverage Maven HQ’s Conversations Inbox to boost business communication.

By implementing Maven HQ’s Conversations Inbox, the Admissions team can now reach out via chat, email, Instagram, Facebook, and text to both potential and existing students. Because the front desk answers the phones, Maven HQ’s ability to reassign conversations & leads and seamlessly continue the conversation was a perfect fit.

The process is simple: the Conversations Inbox receives the inquiry message from a lead and the front desk usually handles all initial inquiries. The front desk then assigns the lead to an Admissions team member and then the Admissions team member continues the conversation from their end. If a lead completes an application or books an appointment, the lead gets assigned to the Admissions team round-robin style or based on availability. 

The Admissions team can now answer questions, send paperwork, make appointments, collect payments, and request reviews through Conversations Inbox. This helps the Academy (our Client) keep the customer journey frictionless & seamless. Mass texting can also be leveraged to send promotions or personalized messages to contacts.

Maven HQ’s missed call auto-textback feature can text back missed calls and engage leads instantly.

Generating new qualified leads on autopilot

The client needed a way to generate leads – predictably and profitably. They were running a handful of Google search ads combined with Facebook & Instagram ads. They were using Clickfunnels for their landing pages & funnels and the whole system simply wasn’t converting at the rate they wanted. They knew that in order to expand their business over the coming years, they needed a lead generation system with a higher conversion rate that was predictable and scaleable. 

We started by restructuring all their ad accounts and implementing our proprietary ad campaigns targeting thousands of different search terms on Google search. We focused on ensuring that our ads were extremely relevant in Google’s eyes – which led to a significantly lower cost-per-click and we increased ad clickthrough rates from 1-2% to 6-10% within a few weeks. 

By implementing Maven HQ’s Funnel Builder and leveraging the help of our Mavenists (growth experts), they were able to not only improve conversion rates across the board but also generate new conversations & leads for free with WebChat. This was a game-changer as they now had the ability to continue conversations with website visitors via text – even after they left their website.

We were also able to increase the quality of leads coming in using Maven HQ’s built-in Surveys feature, and encouraging hot leads to book an appointment right away with an Admissions team member.

The client is now able to respond to leads quicker, improve customer experience, and leverage their existing website traffic to generate new leads – all without needing to spend more in paid advertising. Not to mention their leads are now more qualified so the Admissions team is not wasting time speaking with window-shoppers or chasing down tire-kickers – they’re only speaking with highly qualified leads that are committed to their education and future careers.

Nurturing leads to apply and book appointments

The client was booking appointments manually and had no structured follow up system in place to nurture leads into appointments. This was not only time consuming but it was counter-productive to the expansion of a business. A growing business needs to improve productivity and output so they can impact more people effectively. Spending less time on manual process means more time can be spent strengthening relationships with potential and past students.

With the help of Maven HQ’s Appointment Suite, the client was able to automate the entire appointment booking process, and automated the scheduling, confirmations, and appointment reminders. This freed up nearly 10-20 hours per week across their sales team – and the Admissions (sales) team was now able to focus on delivering a better experience.

The client was previously booked approximately 1 week out with an Admissions (sales) team of 2 staff. The client is now booking over 6 weeks out with academy tour appointments & admissions calls, and has hired 3 additional admissions staff due to their success.

Measuring success

Previously, the client had no way to measure where their most profitable students came from, nor were they able to measure the conversion rates of their previous lead generation efforts accurately.

What is not measured, cannot be improved.

They were also unable to measure their top revenue producers on their Admissions (sales) team. This was crucial as sales reps are often incentivized according to their performance. Managing their Admissions team was proving to be a challenge and morale was taking a dive.

After implementing Maven HQ’s robust reporting features, the client is now able to measure the source of actual revenue (Facebook, Google, paid, organic, etc), and they are able to measure their top revenue producers.

This has not only helped them focus their marketing budget towards the most profitable platforms, it has also enabled them to incentivize their Admissions staff properly which has led to an increased morale across the team.

Within just 1 month, the client saw a 38% increase in 5 star reviews.

In just 10 months with Maven HQ, the client saw the following results:

  • 60% increase in 5 star reviews
  • 3042 new leads were generated
  • 500% more appointments
  • Admissions team went from booking 1 week out to fully booked 6+ weeks in advance
  • 133 new students enrolled from our campaigns
  • 5161% ROI on marketing spend
  • 83.33% increase in YOY revenue
  • $1.5M in new revenue
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Paul A. Samakow
Author, Speaker, Business Performance Consultant, Seasoned Attorney, & Legal Columnist

The Maven HQ team built out a complete and robust system for my team including but not limited to: email automation, text automation, social media marketing, schedule, automation workflows, service calendars, the list goes on...Essentially, I was custom built 5 secretaries/assistants in one. Before this company, my team was moving between 5 different programs to track pipeline activity and onboarding. It was a royal headache. In order to keep up, I was looking at having to hire two in-house full time employees. With the help of Aadil, I was able to grow my business with minimal overhead and have an entire back end office system built specifically for the way our team operates. Not only was the automation software stress reducing and easy to train other on, it was beautiful. Aadil and his team really paid attention to every single detail with the brand being perfectly represented across the board in both tone and visuals. Aadil, CEO was professional and highly responsive. I promise you, you won’t find a team who works harder and has better quality than his. Thank you for all the stress you have relieved from my team and for the scaling we have been able to do since working on this project together.

Marina Labaff
Boudoir Photography

We went from 98 reviews to over 200 5 star Google reviews within a month! The Google review campaign was HUGE. We were able to get over a hundred reviews from past clients on our Google My Business listing, which is awesome because it's by far more than other clinics in the city.

Evan Thomas

This time last year, we were booking a few days out. Since we started working with Aadil and using Maven HQ, we have been consistently booked nearly 3 months out! Aadil and his team took my pen and paper method of bookings and moved them into the 21st century! We are fully automated with bookings being completed directly from the website. Our online registrations, enrollments, and payments have all gone WAY up!
Maven HQ shaved numerous hours from my previous structure. Within the first 2 weeks, we got a bunch of new WebChat leads and phone calls. This has been a game-changer alone because in the past, people mostly left the website without starting a conversation. Now we're getting more conversations, more leads, and more bookings. Maven HQ has also made it easy to get more reviews and build our online reputation! The dashboard has made life easier (to say the least). We're able to manage bookings, appointments, leads, conversations, and so much more - pretty much the whole back end of the business - all from one place. On top of that, we doubled our Google reviews in a couple weeks! A strong online reputation really matters when it comes to positioning yourself effectively as THE choice in your market - and Maven HQ is the perfect tool to achieve that.

John Jenkins
Motorcycle Training Instructor

We're a physiotherapy clinic that empowers people through education, exercise, and hands-on care, to help them overcome pain, injury and mobility issues, so that they can lead their best lives essentially.
When we first started working with Maven HQ and Aadil, we were bringing on another physio. And then we already had a physio that did have some gaps. We wanted to make sure we were able to fill their schedules with appointments and they were busy and happy working at our clinic. And of course, bringing in enough profit to make everything sustainable for the business. Maven HQ has been instrumental in getting us there. We also wanted to make our Google ranking much more visible and prominent, which was another problem that Maven HQ was able to solve for us. Even the number of Google reviews we got in sucha short duration was quite impressive. And that was amazing!

Cathy Stedman

We now get twice as many calls as before every week, it made a HUGE impact on my business. You guys are REAL pros! Their team have been crushing it online with our marketing, I couldn't be happier! Using Maven HQ was my best move of the year by far Thanks a million guys!!

Gabriel Gascon

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